Splatter paint and the '80's

Posted by Amy Hurley-Purdie on

The '80's had many rad things but one of my favorites was splattered paint! So fun, so easy, and it always turns out awesome! We put splattered paint on everything.

Backpacks, shoes, clothing, art, fanny packs...nothing was safe. I thought since we are celebrating this week with Rad Party Stamp Set why not take some time on this TGIF and get super messy and make some splattered pattern paper. (say that 3 times fast...whew) If you are going to try this make sure to use an old cardboard box. Place your paper inside the box and start splattering. Splattering? Is that even a word? 

I used neon acrylic craft paint to make this colorful paper for my beat boxin' kitty. I think all that crazy splatter just screams '80's!

If you don't want to get too wild and crazy and make a big mess you could always do the tamer version by using an old toothbrush to add black and white small splatters to neon cardstock as I did here with this fashionista owl.

I splattered the neon cardstock and then used a die-cut to cut out these patterns. the best part is the leftovers. Just look at this goodies pile and think of all the '80's themed cards I am going to make!

Be sure to check back on Monday we will have our weekly Color Me Monday complete with a color palette and sketch to get you thinking about what Sassy & Crafty card you could make!

Have a Sassy & Crafty Day!




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